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Lives of the Dead - Book One

* * *

It took only four days to change my life forever.

We had been on our way to celebrate his birthday, when Evan and I went missing. The police discovered our car broken down on the side of the road. A window had been smashed. Drops of blood were found on the glass. My blood.

Four days later, I wandered out of the woods with no memory of the rest of that night or the days that followed.

Seven months after that, Evan was still missing.

I continued on with my life—or what was left of it, anyway. It wasn’t easy, let me tell you. People avoided me at school and talked about me behind my back, spreading vicious rumors. My so-called friends abandoned me one by one.

As if all that weren’t bad enough, then there were the dead people. They wandered the streets, reminding me every day about the night Evan disappeared and the day I woke up as freak that could see ghosts.

Just when I thought my life couldn’t get any worse, Nathaniel Strange arrived and did the unthinkable—he dared to be nice to me

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Willa Quirke is dying. Armed with a To Do List, she sets out to live on her own, attend college and nab her first kiss.

Born with the same heart defect that killed her mother, Willa is convinced that she won't live to see another year. Intent on living out the rest of her life on her own terms, she applies to Hampton Cove College, the same art school her mother attended. She rents a room in the Loch Raven Manor, a bed and breakfast built to look like a gothic castle. There she meets Claude, a charming boy with grim secrets of his own.

Meanwhile, gruesome and mysterious animal attacks lead to the deaths of young girls. A dark cloud settles over the college and the nearby town, and some people start suspecting Claude of being connected with the attacks.

By the sparkling waters of Loch Raven, Willa begins to realize that she might have given up on her future a little too quickly and that some things are worth living for.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This post gives a brief history about the place that inspired this book.

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