Abstract Perfection

The Princess and the Goblin
By George MacDonald
Originally Published: 1872
Abstract Perfection Edition: 2011

"The Princess and the Goblin is a popular children's fantasy novel written by author George MacDonald. In MacDonald's second novel for children, The Princess and the Goblin is the story of a Princess named Irene who lives in a castle on a mountain with her nurse, and in a cave below is a race of ugly looking Goblins who have heads that are as hard as stone. A fatal battle of wits must take place between these goblins and the princess, her great-great-grandmother and friend Curdie. The Princess and the Goblin is highly recommened for those who enjoy children's fantasy novels and also those who are enthusiasts of the writings of George MacDonald." from Goodreads.

Abstract Perfection says: As a sort of test for publishing an ebook, I thought I'd play around with formatting a public domain title. I remember watching the animated movie based on this book when I was little and that prompted me to read the book a few months ago. I found it very enchanting and picked it as the book I would publish. Once I found the text, I spent way too much time correcting all the punctuation and making sure it displayed nicely in an ebook format. After that, I had way too much fun creating a cover. The goal of making this ebook wasn't sales, since I doubt that very many people will be clamoring after this, but it was nice to go through the whole process of formatting and publication.

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