{ Just a little deconstruction }

Well, I've gone and played around with the blog's layout again. Still the same basic images and color scheme, just a more streamlined appearance. The base coding of the layout was created by the wonderful Katrina over at Pugly Pixel. She has tons of tutorials on creating great-looking blogs. For this one, I've gone the minimalist route, which is crazy because I'm not a big fan of minimalism. But I thought the blog should focus on the posts, not the 'other stuff'.

Since I'm not really in 'author mode' here anymore, I feel okay not focusing on my books on my blog. I figured once I got anywhere near publishing, I'd do another revamp and update it with a theme that matched the cover of my book. In the meantime, I'd like to stick with something I don't mind looking at.

I might as well tailor it to my preferences, since I'm the only one who reads the darn thing...

photo // Theo Gosselin


  1. It isn't letting me post normally. Lame. I blame blogger. And...Hey, I read this all the time. Love the new pretty sidebar :)

  2. What do you mean it isn't letting you post normally? You mean on your blog? Blogger does have a new look, so maybe things have gotten mixed up. If it's my blog, it might be because I'm using a prefab layout.

    PS: Why no comments on your blog?! I always want to say something, but I can't. *sadface*

    PPS: Thanks for reading, Natalie! <3

  3. Awww, you are right, there is no odd comment space. I'm working on that. I meant that blogger wasn't recognizing me as signed in and said I didn't have access to post a comment. I growled at it some. It used to like me. I dunno.

  4. Huzzah. It worked. After three tries....

  5. Yeah, I see what you mean. It did the same thing to me, too. Maybe it was because I reformatted the blog, so it logged you out?